Wisconsin Child Support Enforcement Association

The mission of the WCSEA is to provide training and networking to help local child support agencies best serve and aid the children and families of Wisconsin. 

A visit with DCF Secretary Emilie Amundson - August 23, 2023 - Monroe County

l-r : Connie Chesnik (DF&ES Administrator), Janet Leja (Adams Director), Pam Pipkin (Monroe Director), Emilie Amundson (DCF Secretary), Jill Sherry (La Crosse Director), Megan Brasch (Eau Claire Manager), Wendy Swenson (Monroe Specialist), Erin Fabrizius (WCSEA Public Affairs Counselor)

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WCSEA Listserv additions/deletions (supervisors must send email): christopher.brooks@co.rock.wi.us

Are you a child support case participant in Wisconsin?

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